Duca del Cosma Men’s Elpaso Golf Shoe Review

In this review, I take a closer look and share my honest opinion on Italian designer golf brand Duca del Cosma’s award-winning premium Elpaso men’s golf shoes.

Elpaso Men's Golf Shoes - Overview

What the Duca del Cosma says…

Step up to the tee in the Elpaso from Duca del Cosma and you’ll be off to a flying start. With all the Italian elegance you would expect, and a considered style that will remain timeless, this shoe has a soft Italian leather upper with contrasting piping to elevate the look. You’ll find they are waterproof and environmentally friendly, thanks to recycled and recyclable materials used for the insole and heel support. The spikeless sole is lightweight and cushioned, ensuring a great stance and support where you need it. On the range or on the ranch, you’ll step out with confidence.

Key features

Here are some of the Elpaso men’s golf shoe key features. 

Duca del Cosma Elpaso Men's Golf Shoes

Key Product Features
£ 189
€167.20* with code ANDY20
  • Soft Italian Nappa leather
  • Polyester laces for a sportive look and feel
  • Waterproof Sock System with OnSteam® recyclable microfibre
  • Comfortable and breathable ARNEFLEX® insole, memory foam covered with OnSteam recyclable microfibre and heel support with recycled cork
  • Airplay XI outsole
  • Available in navy blue or white
  • Fit: Regular / Wide

Unboxing and First Impressions

The Elpaso shoes come beautifully packaged inside a very high-quality black Duca del Cosma box that also contains a handy cotton carry bag. When buying a premium product, you expect premium packaging and it’s clear with these golf shoes that no expense has been spared, even with the packaging.

On first impression, the shoes appeared to be very well made with incredibly neat and accurate stitching and finishing around the midsole, upper and collar – exactly what you’d expect from a premium golf shoe like this. In terms of weight, they weighed more than my other golf shoes and were heavier than I expected, however, that only made me feel more confident about the overall quality of these golf shoes.


I like the look of the Elpaso shoes mainly because they’re a little more in keeping with the style of golf shoes I usually wear – something a little more subdued and not too out there, so to speak. They’re simple, elegant and in some ways a little understated –  almost the polar opposite of Duca’s normal bold, vibrant and occasionally divisive style found in most of their shoes.

The simple navy, brown and white combo works really well together and makes these shoes easy to pair with various trouser styles/colours, although, I’d say they work best when paired with chino trousers.

The rounded toe box is slightly wider than expected and whilst it provides plenty of room and comfort, it does somewhat accentuate the size of my feet. As someone who is relatively short but has big feet, I usually try to wear as small a shoe as possible, or a shoe with a narrower, pointy toe box. Looks-wise, this is probably the only part of the Elpaso golf shoe I’m not overly keen on.

However, when it comes to apparel, looks are subjective and if you’re reading this review then you obviously like the look of these golf shoes, so let’s move on to comfort and fit.

Comfort and fit

The Elpaso’s are without a shadow of a doubt the most comfortable shoes, let alone golf shoes I have ever worn. They are exceptional and are every bit as comfortable, if not more so than my £160 Footjoy Premiere Series Packard golf shoes. Unlike some other golf shoes I’ve owned in the past which have brought my feet out in blisters during the first few uses, the Elpaso’s required absolutely no breaking in and were a joy to wear.

It’s clear that a lot of thought, research and consideration has gone into designing these shoes to make them as comfortable as possible, especially for the parts of the feet under the most pressure when golfing. For example, thick cushioning on the underside of the tongue means that the top of the foot doesn’t hurt when the laces are pulled tight to provide extra support. The memory foam insole also moulds itself to your foot, meaning your foot is both comfortable and supported as you walk or swing, and the breathable design ensures your feet feel cool and sweat-free, even during the warmer weather.

I opted for a size 11 having reviewed Duca’s handy sizing chart whereby you can compare against shoe sizes from major golf shoe brands including Ecco, FootJoy, Nike and Adidas. Although I mentioned previously that the toe box is a little bigger and wider in terms of looks than I’d have liked, it provided enough room for my toes to move around, breathe and feel comfortable. In terms of fit, the Elpaso golf shoes were absolutely spot on for me.

On-course performance

I’ve played golf wearing my Elpaso’s in both dry and wet conditions and have always found them to perform well. During wet-weather rounds, my feet have always remained bone dry, even when walking through fairway puddles. I’ve owned other waterproof golf shoes before, however, they’ve always allowed water to enter via the tongue area. However, with the Elpaso golf shoes, even when water travelled up the toe box of the shoe, it was unable to penetrate or get under the tongue, so my feet remained completely dry.

Although spikeless golf shoes are generally designed for summer use, these golf shoes work really well in the winter too. Of course, during the winter months when it’s really wet or slippery I’d rather wear a spiked shoe, however, the Elpaso’s Airplay X1 spikeless outsole performed well. The 5mm square-shaped nubs are well spread across the entire sole, providing much-needed stability.

My only criticism with regards to the performance of these golf shoes would be the marks that they appeared to leave on the greens as I surveyed my putts during wetter conditions. I’m by no means overweight and I don’t notice this with my lighter golf shoes, so suspect this is a result of the weight of these golf shoes and the size and volume of the nubs on the soles. Whilst a non-issue during the drier months or for golfers playing in warmer climates, it’s something unlikely to go unnoticed by your playing partners or the green keepers.


When it comes to keeping these Elpaso golf shoes clean and looking great, it’s a fairly simple process. The leather upper can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth thanks to the shiny flat surface. Unlike some of the other leather golf shoes I have owned, the leather is not textured so there’s nowhere for mud or dirt to get trapped.

The outsole of the shoe requires considerably more time and effort to keep clean as the 5mm numbs tend to clog up with mud, grass and leaves. In my experience, even the air compressors at the golf course aren’t great at removing the dirt, so I leave the dirt to dry and brush/scrape out at a later date.

Duca del Cosma offer a Premium Shoe Care Kit for £20 which contains a brush,  shoe cleaner, shoe polish and shoe protector – everything necessary for some additional shoe TLC.


As mentioned earlier in this review, the quality of these golf shoes is exceptional. From the breathable memory insole to the stitching around the midsole and leather upper, it’s clear that no expense has been spared when producing these golf shoes. The eyelets have been individually engraved with the Duca del Cosma branding and even the area underneath the insole (which nobody sees) is immaculately presented.

When it comes to the quality of these Elpaso men’s golf shoes I honestly cannot find a single fault. They are flawless.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a premium, and I mean premium golf shoe then you really need not look any further than the Duca del Cosma Elpaso’s. They’re beautifully crafted, hard-wearing, waterproof, comfortable and in my opinion, every bit as good as any market-leading golf shoe I’ve ever worn. Being a designer product, they’re not the cheapest of golf shoes but I’ve no doubt in my mind that they’re built to last and will see you through many seasons on the golf course. As is often the case in life, you get what you pay for.

The only real negatives I can see with these golf shoes are the slightly bulkier appearance that may not appeal to everyone and the fact they may leave slight imprints on the greens when they’re soft.

Shop the Duca Del Cosma Elpaso Golf Shoes

Aside from these two points, if you like the look of the Elpasos then I would recommend adding them to your basket – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Remember, use the promo code ‘ANDY20‘ if purchasing from the International Duca del Cosma website for an extra 20% off any purchases you make.

Thank you for reading this product review – I really hope you found it interesting and that it has helped you make up your mind if you were considering buying the Duca del Cosma Elpaso golf shoes. Also, feel free to leave any comments or questions about these shoes, this article or my blog in general below. Also, be sure to check out my Equipment Reviews page for more golf product reviews. 


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