How I got a full set of brand-new P770 irons for only £12

In this blog post, I share the secret of how I managed to get a brand new set of Taylor Made P770 irons for only £12!

In the 20+ years I’ve played golf, only once have I ever owned new golf clubs from the start – 3 new SM6 Titleist Vokey wedges. Like many amateur golfers, my bag has always been made up of second-hand club purchases from the likes of eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. It’s not that I’ve never wanted to keep up with technology and buy the latest clubs as soon as they’re released, it’s that I simply cannot afford to. Spending over £800 on a brand new set of irons which will soon be superseded by a new set that goes 30 yards further, cutting my current set’s value in half within 6 months has never really appealed to me. Plus, the Nike VR PRO Combo irons that I had been using for the past 5 years are arguably the best-looking irons ever made.

However, last year I decided to bite the bullet and buy a brand-new set of irons for the first time in my life. In truth, it was an easy decision to make because they only cost me £12. Yes, you read that right – £12 for a brand new set of TaylorMade P770 irons.

If you’re struggling to believe me then check out the following video I created to explain exactly how I managed this and you could too.

If you enjoyed this video then be sure to check out the YouTube page of my golf blog which contains lots more general golf-related videos, equipment reviews, tutorials and much more.

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