How to trace your ball flight and golf swing with Shot Tracer PRO: Full tutorial

Learn how to use the incredibly popular Shot Tracer PRO desktop app to correctly trace your ball flight and golf swing with this video tutorial.

About this shot tracer pro tutorial

In this step-by-step golf instruction/tutorial video, I’ll guide you through the process of correctly using the Shot Tracer PRO desktop app to trace your ball flight and golf swing.

Many YouTube golf stars including Rick Shiels, Erik Anders Lang and Peter Finch to name but a few, make use of Shot Tracer technology or similar applications/methods in their videos to not only help their viewers see where their shots are going but to generally make their videos more engaging.

By the end of this video, you too will have the knowledge and skills to trace your ball flight and golf swing to help spruce up your golf videos for YouTube or other social media channels. Along the way, as well as showing you how to use the app, I’ll also share some of my top tips to help make your life easier when using Shot Tracer PRO. 

About Shot Tracer PRO

Shot Tracer PRO is available on both Windows and MacOS operating systems and can be purchased for $14.99 per month or $89.99 per year. Whilst it does cost substantially more than the mobile app (which is available for a one-off fee of $4.99), Shot Tracer PRO allows you to upload, edit and export 4K videos and is generally much, much easier and less fiddly to use. 

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If you enjoyed this video tutorial then feel free to check out the YouTube section of my blog where you’ll find some of my golf-related videos including equipment reviews, tutorials and vlogs. 

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