JTS #1: Building a new golf swing – Initial swing analysis

In this post, I share with you my plans for this new Journey to Scratch series and the first analysis and feedback from my new golf coach, Michael Farrier Twist.

New year, new swing

At the beginning of the year as part of my ‘New Year, New Me’ phase, I decided to finally get around to creating some content for the Journey to Scratch series I had always planned to create but never gotten around to. In order to make it as genuine and interesting as possible, I made the conscious decision to also seek professional help to improve my golf swing. After all, there’s absolutely no way I’ll be getting to scratch with my current golf swing, even if it has helped me to get my handicap down to 7.

In the below video, you’ll learn more about what to expect from this new blog/YouTube feature, as well as my new coach, Michael Farrier-Twist’s initial assessment of my golf swing and his recommended fixes/drills. I’ve included all of the video footage from our first online lesson within this video, so if you suffer from any similar swing woes, hopefully, these tips will help. 

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Book a lesson with Michael through Skillest

If after watching this video you’ve decided that you too would like to book an online golf lesson with Michael, you can benefit from 25% off using the promo code ‘F6ZOgyou‘ when visiting Michael’s Skillest profile page.

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