Scope PRO L2: Meet Shot Scope’s feature-packed affordable laser rangefinder

Shot Scope has today launched their brand-new feature-packed and affordable laser rangefinder - the Shot Scope PRO L2. In this blog post, I'll tell you everything you need to know about it including what its key features are and how you can pre-order yours.

Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

The Shot Scope PRO L2, along with the new Shot Scope X5 golf watch, is currently on sale under pre-release on the main Shot Scope website, and I’m hoping to get my hands on it within the next few weeks so that I can record an unboxing and first-look video for you guys. However, until then, here’s some detailed information to let you know what to expect from the new Shot Scope PRO L2 laser rangefinder.

The Shot Scope PRO L2 laser rangefinder is the third laser rangefinder that Shot Scope has released, following on from the PRO LX which was released around this time last year.

The PRO L2 is seen as an upgraded version of the entry-level and very affordable PRO L1 laser, released in 2020, and will sit nicely in between the PRO L1 and PRO LX in terms of price and features. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the PRO L2’s key features and find out what you can expect from this new rangefinder.

1 - Anti-slip Grip and integrated Magnet

Designed to be comfortable and easy to hold in all weather conditions thanks to the anti-slip rubber grip, the PRO L2 also benefits from an powerful integrated magnet – perfect for those of you who use golf carts and want to stick it to the cart whilst it’s not being used.

2 - Rapid fire and Target-Lock Vibration

Unlike the PRO 1 and PRO LX, the PRO L2 doesn’t appear to have red and black dual optics, however, its precision clear lens and x6 magnification should help make it easy enough to zap those pins.

Just like the more expensive PRO LX model, the PRO L2 also has rapid-fire detection and target lock vibration – two features I’ve found to be really useful in the past to obtain distances quickly and accurately.

Speaking of accuracy, the PRO L2 claims to be accurate to within 1 yard, something I’ll be sure to test out for my full equipment review, and has a range of 700 yards – about 400 yards more than any rangefinder realistically needs.

3 - Adaptive Slope technology

Something that is great to see is that the PRO L2 has built-in adaptive slope technology, meaning that elevation changes on the hole can be taken into account to ensure you’re always getting the most precise and compensated distances possible.

As is the case with most rangefinders with slope technology, this option can be enabled and turned on or off using the Slope button on the side of the laser if you are playing competitively and want to ensure the device conforms to the rules of golf.

4 - Waterproof carry case

Finally, the PRO L2 also comes with a waterproof carry case so that you can clip and carry it on your golf bag.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, it looks like Shot Scope has done a nice job of creating a new laser that is visually, a sort of hybrid between the PRO L1 and PRO LX and is packed with all of the features the average weekend golfer will need – all of this achieved at an affordable and very competitive price. I think that the PRO L2 having the built-in magnet makes this laser particularly appealing to those of you who play golf using a golf cart.

As soon as I get my hands on the Shot Scope PRO L2 next couple of weeks I’ll record and upload an unboxing and first-look video to my YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the PRO L2 so drop a comment below to let me know what you think.


Pre-order your Shot Scope PRO L2 laser Rangefinder

If you’re excited to pre-order your brand new Shot Scope X5 or just want to find out a little more about it, you can do so over on the Official Shot Scope website using the button below

BRAND NEW Shot Scope X5 GPS and Shot-Tracking Golf Watch

In addition to the PRO L2, Shot Scope has today also released the brand new X5 GPS and shot-tracking golf watch. If you’d like to find out more about it, you can do so in this Shot Scope X5: Get to know Shot Scope’s game changing golf watch blog post.

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