How to edit a round using the Shot Scope Mobile app: Full tutorial

In December 2022, Shot Scope released a major update to editor within their mobile apps, meaning the way that users edit their rounds completely changed. In this full video tutorial, I'll teach you everything you need to know about correctly uploading, editing, and sharing your rounds us the Shot Scope mobile app.

About this shot scope tutorial

In this full tutorial video, you’ll learn how to properly transfer, edit, sign off and share your rounds captured using your Shot Scope V3/H4 using the editor within the mobile apps.

Shot Scope updated the mobile app editing tool in Dec 2022. In this video you will learn how to: 

  • Upload rounds from your V3/H4 to your Shot Scope account
  • Navigate the main rounds menu to see your rounds and statistics
  • Use the new ‘Quick Sign Off’ feature
  • Edit the position of your shots on the fairway/green
  • Use the new putting ‘Tap in’ feature
  • Change the club you have used to play your shots and filter by only active clubs
  • Add a range of penalty strokes including 1/2 stroke penalties, lost balls and dropped balls
  • Add new strokes
  • Delete unwanted strokes
  • Correctly add positional shots
  • Sign off your completed round and show/hide from performance statistics
  • Share your round with others or post to social media
Although the video demonstrates how to edit rounds using the iOS version of the Shot Scope mobile app, Android users will still be able to follow along as the apps are the same. This tutorial should also be useful for those of you using a tablet such as an iPad.
If you prefer to edit your rounds using your desktop/laptop computer, why not take a look at my ‘How to edit a round using the NEW Shot Scope dashboard editor‘ video tutorial?

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About Shot Scope

Shot Scope has a wide range of GPS and performance tracking golf watches and devices, and laser rangefinders designed to help you improve your golf game. You can view their products including the popular V3 golf watch and PRO LX+ laser rangefinder and save an EXTRA 15% by entering the promo code ‘ANDYSGOLF‘ at checkout on the main Shot Scope website. This discount code can be used worldwide.

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