Shot Scope H4 Handheld Review

The Shot Scope H4 Handheld offers GPS and shot-tracking capabilities to help golfers both on and off the course, all for £110 (with my promo code ANDYSGOLF). Find out everything you need to know about this fantastic little unit including why it's the perfect solution for golfers who want to improve their golf game but don't like wearing a GPS golf watch whilst playing.

About this Shot Scope H4 review

In this equipment review, I’ll share with you my open and honest opinion of the Shot Scope H4 Handheld GPS and performance tracking golf device. I’ve been using it since its pre-release in Spring 2022 and have captured many rounds – so have tested it thoroughly enough to give you a comprehensive review.

In this review, I’ll tell you how the H4 Handheld works and highlight its key features, discuss how easy it is to set up and use, talk about its looks, how well it performs on the golf course and how easy it is to edit your rounds and then view your performance statistics. I’ll also highlight what I think are the main pros and cons of the device.

By the end of this review, you’ll be armed with enough information to help you decide if the Shot Scope H4 is the right golf GPS device for you. And, if that is the case then feel free to use my discount code ‘ANDYSGOLF‘ at checkout when buying directly from Shot Scope to save an extra 15% on their current best prices.

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The Shot Scope H4 Handheld is a small golf GPS device worn on your belt or kept in your pocket which offers access to over 100 tour-level statistics about your golf game thanks to its performance tracking capabilities. It comes pre-loaded with over 36,000 golf courses worldwide, has a 15-hour battery life, conforms to the rules of golf, and has no on-going subscription fees. It’s easy to set up straight out of the box (although a mobile device is required) and even easier to use out on the golf course.

The GPS distances are generally accurate, and the hazard/layup features are useful. Post-round editing is required due to GPS accuracy limitations, but the level of performance tracking is unmatched by other devices on the market. The device does look a little basic compared to other GPS devices and watches on the market but it is incredibly well-priced at under £130.

Sadly there is no green/hole overview on the display or ability to move the pin to specific locations to give you specific distances to the pin which is a shame however, the Shot Scope H4 is a reliable and useful GPS golf device and is the perfect option for golfers looking to improve their game without spending a great deal of money doing so.

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With this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you. This code can be used on a range or products, and worldwide.

1 - Shot Scope H4 Product overview and features

The Shot Scope H4 Handheld is a GPS and performance-tracking golf device which provides accurate GPS information to the front, middle and back of the green on the hole you are playing, and allows you to track every stroke you make to then provide you with access over 100 tour-level statistics to help you improve your golf game.

It comes pre-loaded with over 36,000 golf courses worldwide, has a 15-hour battery life capable of lasting two rounds from a single charge, conforms to the rules of golf so can be used during competitive rounds, and has no ongoing subscription fees.

The H4 Handheld is also compatible with the Shot Scope PRO LX laser rangefinder, and when attached to it, it becomes the PRO LX+ – the world’s first all-in-one GPS and performance tracking laser rangefinder.

2 - Setting up the H4 Device

The H4 comes with everything you need in the box and is really easy to set up. It comes with a handy quick start guide designed to help get you started, but Shot Scope do also have a short getting started video and full user guide you can refer to if you’re stuck.

Essentially, all you need to do is download the Shot Scope mobile app and create a new account, pair your H4 with your mobile or tablet using Bluetooth and follow the onboarding steps outlined in the app. After this, it’s a case of screwing the individual shot tracking tags into your golf club grips, correctly assigning them within your account and charging the device using the charging cable provided.

Shot Scope has made every effort to make the process as straightforward as possible and provide a wide range of support materials to help along the way, so even if you’re not too technically minded, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get set up provided you follow the guidance correctly.

3 - H4 looks and wearing the device

The H4 Handheld essentially looks the same as the Shot Scope V3 golf watch, only without a strap, and it’s a little thicker due to the RFID technology being built into the device rather than into the strap like on the V3 watch. As mentioned in my review of the Shot Scope V3, the device does look a little basic and less flashy than many of the other golf GPS watches and devices on the market, however, this really doesn’t bother me, especially given that the H4 is worn on your belt or in your pocket, and I actually quite like its simplicity, if I’m honest.

The device is a neat and lightweight little unit that is designed to be worn on your belt when placed inside the small magnetic belt clip provided. The main issue I have with this design is that whilst the belt clip secures nicely to your waistband or belt, the device itself is only attached to the clip via a magnet, meaning it could potentially fall out of the holder and become lost on the golf course. The magnet is really quite strong but it’s not to say that the device can’t become detached.

Thankfully, I’ve not lost my H4, however, I have come close on a couple of occasions when my shirt got trapped between the belt clip and the H4, reducing the strength of the magnet and causing the H4 to fall to the ground. Luckily, I noticed that I had dropped it on both occasions but I’m sure there will be others who haven’t been so lucky. A retractable pull chord or bands to place over the H4 to help secure it when being used in the belt clip would help mitigate the risk of this happening.

As well as being designed to be used with the metal belt clip, the magnet on the back of the device also allows it to be attached to a golf cart or to the back of the PRO LX laser rangefinder.  You can also hang the device on your golf bag by attaching the carabiner clip supplied to the metal belt clip and then attaching it to your bag.

Alternatively, the H4 can be removed from the belt clip and carried in your pocket, but my preference is to use the belt clip to stop the screen from getting scratched by tees, ball markers and anything else I have in my pocket. The screen doesn’t have a screen protector on it so I’ve a feeling that it may get scratched either by continuous tagging or foreign objects, so a small screen protector similar to those used on mobile phones may be a worthwhile investment if you are thinking of buying the H4 and watch to keep the screen scratch free.

4 - Shot tracking and GPS performance

When it comes to on-course performance, there are two main areas of focus: Shot tracking and GPS distance information. But first, let’s talk about how easy it is to set the watch up before your round.

4.1 - On-course set up

Like the Shot Scope V3, the H4 has three main modes; GPS and Track, Tracking only and GPS only. Personally, I pretty much only ever use GPS and Track mode as I like to record all of my rounds and I find the GPS distance information incredibly helpful.

Provided you have subscribed to the course you are playing and have synchronised it with your device before you play, there shouldn’t be any issues locating the course and obtaining a GPS connection. Personally, I’ve not noticed any issues or delays in obtaining a GPS fix for any courses I have played with the H4 like I have occasionally with the V3 – granted I have used it a lot less than my V3.

However, just to be on the safe side, I usually turn the device on and start my round as I make my way down to the golf course so that it has time to obtain a GPS fix and is ready for me to make my way to the first tee.

In general, it really is straightforward to initiate a round on the H4. It’s essentially a case of turning the device on, choosing your game mode, selecting your course and heading to the first tee.

4.2 - Shot Tracking

One of the best things about the Shot Scope H4 is the fact that can be used to track your performance on the golf course and provide you with access to so many statistics to help you improve your golf game. In order to do this, the club tag screwed into each of your club grips works in tandem with the RFID technology built into the device and GPS satellites in the sky to record your position and club used for each and every shot.

Due to the nature of the H4 being a handheld device, it will not track your shots automatically like the Shot Scope V3 does, so this needs to be done manually by tapping the club tag onto the screen of the H4.

I’ve always found it easy enough to do this whilst the device is on my belt but it’s also equally as easy to quickly remove the H4 from the clip and tap it onto the tag. Confirmation of successful tagging is given by a relatively strong vibration from the device and the club tag ID is also displayed on the screen. There is no way of altering the strength of the vibration and no audible confirmation that a tag has been successful, so if you do miss the vibration then the ID displayed on the screen is helpful.

Generally speaking, the device does a fantastic job of recording each and every stroke when the tag is tapped onto the device. The main problem is that as each shot needs to be tagged manually, you really do have to build this process into your pre-shot routine, which takes a bit of remembering the first few rounds you play.

There have been a number of times that I have forgotten to record my stroke so have had to make my way back to where I played the shot to record the stroke. That’s fine if you notice immediately after but not ideal if you only remember having walked 100 yards down the fairway – especially if you have a group of golfers behind you waiting to play or can’t be bothered walking back. The good news is that you can always add any strokes you’ve missed during the editing process or if you do tag further away from the original location when you eventually remember, simply move the stroke when editing too.

That said, I have tried to make an effort to build tagging into my pre-shot routine and have noticed that I now forget a lot less often than I used to.

When it comes to the overall accuracy of the recorded strokes in terms of location, the H4 does a fairly good job. Most recorded shots are usually accurate to within around 4-10 yards, which is a limitation of the current GPS technology available to all golf GPS manufacturers, not just Shot Scope. This does mean that a little repositioning may be required during post-round editing but it’s nothing too taxing and isn’t always required unless you’re really pedantic.

The H4 handheld also has several options for recording penalty strokes, lost balls, dropped balls and even a provisional ball option with a handy 3-minute timer during your round. Whilst not terribly complicated to use, these options do require you to read the instructions and understand how to use them in the correct sequence. Personally, I tend to avoid using them and just add any penalty strokes or lost balls during the editing process as I find it easier and this gives me one less thing to think about on the golf course.

4.3 - GPS distances and hazard information

As well as being useful for shot tracking, the H4 also provides on-course GPS distances.

These are calculated and displayed to the front, middle and back of the green on the hole you are playing, provided you are using the GPS and Track or GPS modes. Distances can be displayed in either yards or meters depending on the setting you choose, and will update as you walk closer or further away from the hole.

The daylight-readable screen makes the information displayed on the screen clear and easy to read even in varying lighting conditions. The distance to the middle of the green is displayed in large white font with the front and back distances displayed below, making it quick and easy to identify the distance you’re interested in at a glance.

Something useful that I have learned to do over time is to put the H4 upside down into the metal belt clip so that when I remove it or tilt upwards to read the GPS distances, they are displayed the correct way up. If you don’t do this and put the H4 into the clip the correct way up, the display will actually be upside down and you’ll have to fully remove the H4 from the clip and rotate it to view distances.

In my experience, though, the GPS distances displayed on the watch are generally consistent with on-course markers and my laser rangefinder readings. Even if they are slightly out due to the GPS technology limitations mentioned earlier, a few yards are never going to be enough to cause major issues for most amateur golfers. Even as a single-figure golfer, a few yards aren’t worth losing sleep over.

As well as GPS distances to the green, the device also displays distances to reach and to carry various hazards on the hole you are playing, as well as whether they are on the left or right-hand side. This feature is particularly useful when playing a course you are not familiar with or a blind hole.

The same menu also allows you to view distances to layup points for 100/150/200 yards or meters to the middle of the green – handy if you want to know how far you’ve to hit your next shot to leave an exact number into the green.

Whilst in terms of GPS information the watch has a lot to offer, sadly, it does not provide any map views of the hole or green you are playing, which is a shame. It would be great to be able to move the pin and be shown specific yardages to that location or see a view of the entire hole you are about to play like some of the other golf watches and devices do.

4.4 - Battery life

In terms of battery life, I’ve only tested the H4 when playing 18 holes or less, so can’t remark on how well the device copes with two rounds from a single charge, however, the battery has always been well above 50% after 18 holes of use on the GPS and Track mode, so we can assume that it would cope with two rounds fairly well.

15% off the Shot Scope H4 Handheld

Visit the Shot Scope website using the link below and enter my exclusive discount code, ‘ANDYSGOLF‘, to save an extra 15% on your order.

With this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you. This code can be used on a range or products, and worldwide.

5 - Post round editing and statistics

So, we’ve discussed how the H4 performs on the golf course. Let’s now talk about editing rounds and viewing performance statistics.

5.1 - Uploading your round

After you have finished your round, all you need to do is open the Shot Scope mobile app, connect your H4 and synchronise your rounds. A smartphone/tablet is required at this stage to import your round from the device to your Shot Scope account. Once you have transferred your round, the next step is to edit.

5.2 - Editing your round

Now, as the GPS technology being used by Shot Scope isn’t pinpoint accurate (around 4-10 yards), there will always likely be a requirement to perform some basic editing of your round before you access your performance statistics. You can either edit your round using the Shot Scope mobile app or the online dashboard on a desktop computer or laptop. I’ve created two detailed tutorials taking you through the editing process for both the desktop editing tool and mobile editor, so be sure to check those videos if you’re unsure about the editing process or just curious.

In my opinion, the editing process isn’t difficult and with practise can be completed in around about 10 minutes. It’s definitely easier doing so using the online dashboard version, however, I personally like editing on the app whilst at the golf course whilst the round is fresh in my mind.

In my opinion, the editing process isn’t difficult and with practise can be completed in around about 10 minutes. It’s definitely easier doing so using the online dashboard version, however, I personally like editing whilst at the golf course on the app whilst the round is fresh in my mind.


For most users, the main reason for buying a Shot Scope H4 is for its performance-tracking capability and access to such a high level of data about their golf game. I have to be honest, I’m constantly blown away by just how much information this device gathers and how useful it can be in targeting areas for improvement.

The online dashboard and Shot Scope mobile apps both provide access to performance statistics including how far you hit each club, tee shot distance and accuracy, approach shot proximity, short game scrambling success rate, putting and much more.

As well as general performance statistics like these, Shot Scope also provides detailed strokes gained information for tee shots, approach shots, short game and putting for individual or collective rounds. These can also be compared against players of varying handicap groups, so you can see exactly which area of your golf game is costing you strokes.

The number of statistics available and the level of detail each of them go into is incredible and is honestly unlike anything else available on the market. There is no doubt that Shot Scope is the industry leader in this area. What is great to see is that they have continually, made improvements to their dashboard over the years, giving access to even more data, statistics and ways to view them.

6 - Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered how well the H4 performs on the golf course and the statistics you get access to off of it, let’s quickly run through the main pros and cons of the device, starting with the good points.

6.1 - PROS

  1. Easy to set up and use with 36,000 courses already mapped and pre-loaded
  2. Versatile in that it can be worn on your belt, attached to a cart, hung from your bag and attached to the PRO LX laser
  3. The GPS distances are generally accurate and the hazard/layup features are very useful
  4. You get access to over 100 tour-level statistics to help you improve your game
  5. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices in addition to the online dashboard
  6. You get free updates for life and there is no monthly or yearly subscription
  7. The Shot Scope Support is absolutely fantastic and scores 4.2/5 on Trustpilot. I’ve had to contact them a few times over the years and have always had my issues resolved in a polite and timely fashion.
  8. Shot Scope give you a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty on the V3
  9. Price wise, at around £130, it’s really competitively priced when compared with other GPS devices on the market

6.2 - CONS

  1. Visually, the H4 does look a little bit basic compared to other GSP devices on the market
  2. There’s a possibility that it could get dropped or lost on the course if it comes detected from the belt clip
  3. Shot tracking is not automatic as it is with the V3 although that is by design
  4. No green/hole overview is provided and you cannot move the pin to specific locations
  5. Most rounds will require some degree of editing due to GPS accuracy limitations
  6. The charging cable is really short and is specific to the device – a USB C or micro USB would have been better

7 - Final summary

In summary, the Shot Scope H4 is a great piece of kit and is perfect for golfers who are serious about improving their golf game but also want a reliable GPS device to use on the golf course. Whilst shot tracking is not an automated process like it is with the Shot Scope V3 due to it requiring manual tagging, this does make the H4 a brilliant choice for golfers who don’t care for wearing a watch whilst playing but still want GPS and performance tracking capabilities.

If you’re in the market for a new golf GPS device and are looking for a reliable option that won’t break the bank, the Shot Scope H4 is definitely worth considering. It’s easy to set up and use, provides accurate GPS distance information, and tracks your shots to give you access to a wealth of performance statistics. The design of the magnetic belt clip does open the door to the possibility of losing it if you’re not careful, then again, it also allows you to attach it to the PRO LX laser for an all-in-one device.

In conclusion, the Shot Scope H4 Handheld is an excellent device that delivers on its promises and provides a whole host of useful features at an affordable price. If you’re serious about improving your golf game, the H4 Handheld is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

15% off the Shot Scope H4 Handheld

Visit the Shot Scope website using the link below and enter my exclusive discount code, ‘ANDYSGOLF‘, to save an extra 15% on your order.

With this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you. This code can be used on a range or products, and worldwide.

Thank you for reading this product review – I really hope you found it interesting and that it has helped you make up your mind if you were considering buying a Shot Scope H4. Also, feel free to leave any comments or questions about this Shot Scope H4 device, this article or my blog in general below. Also, be sure to check out my Equipment Reviews page for more Shot Scope/general product reviews. 


6 Responses

  1. Hi,do you need your phone in your golf bag & set to Bluetooth to enable the GPS to work?(internet connection?)
    Or does the device work on its own battery without internet or Bluetooth connection?

    1. Hey MPJ – thanks for leaving a comment on this post. No, the GPS is built into the device itself. The only thing you need your phone for is initially setting the device up (via bluetooth with the Shot Scope app), performing firmware/course updates, and post round to pull your shot data from your H4 to your Shot Scope account. Other than that, the device works by itself on the course with no requirement to be connected to any other devices.

      Hope this reply helps. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have!


    1. Hey Jacob, thanks for the comment and for stopping by. No, club tags just grey screwed into club grips and away you go. Only charging required is for the device!

      1. Hi Andy, do the sensors use batteries and any idea how long they would last? Thanks, Steve

        1. Hi Stephen,

          Thanks for the comment. The tags themselves don’t use any batteries, so you can just screw them in and you’re good to go. The device has a battery but that’s it. Hope this helps but please ask away if you have any questions. If buying new, remember to use the link and above promo code (ANDYSGOLF) to save an extra 15%!


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