Unboxing the GEM Golf: Golf’s hottest new swing trainer

Discover what comes inside the box and take a first look at the GEM Golf Swing Trainer - one of golf's hottest and most popular swing training aids.

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer has been designed to help you eliminate your slice and learn how to release the club head properly during your golf swing through practise and muscle memory – encouraging you to hit baby draws. Developed by ex-European Tour player Fraser Mann, the GEM Golf retails at £120 (save 10% with the discount code ‘ANDYSGOLF10’) and allows you to practise both with or without golf balls – making it perfect for use in your garden or at the driving range. In the below video, I unbox the GEM Golf and take a closer look, explaining how it works, how to piece it together, and how to properly attach it to your golf club.

If you’re interested in seeing my setting up and using the GEM Golf Swing Trainer whilst making some practise swings then check out the following short videos. 

If you have any questions about the GEM Golf Swing Trainer, drop them in the Comments area below and I’ll try my best to answer them. Remember, if you want to buy a GEM Golf or just find out more, you can visit their official website using the button below. Don’t forget to use the code ‘ANDYSGOLF10‘ at checkout if you do decide to buy one to save 10%.

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