Weekly Wedge EP 3: How I became a single figure handicap golfer

In this week's episode of my Weekly Wedge series, I share my 8 top tips to help you become a single figure handicapper, based on my own journey going from 22 to 7.

Ever since I received my first official handicap of 22 several years ago, I have worked hard to reduce it with the end goal of becoming a scratch golfer. Whilst I’ve yet to achieve this goal, and quite possibly never will, I have managed to reduce my handicap to 7 and become a single figure handicap golfer – something I never actually thought would be possible.

However, I’ve managed to get to this stage without golf lessons and with very little time spent on the driving range, something I am really proud of. Instead, I’ve managed to get there by applying the 8 methods discussed in this week’s video, and I’m sharing them with you as I hope that they will help you become a better golfer too.

I’m not a professional golfer and don’t have a beautiful golf swing – but I have worked hard to get my handicap to 7 and with the same focus and effort, you can too. 

I genuinely hope that you enjoy watching this week’s video and that it helps you improve your golf game, shoot lower scores and drop that handicap. Feel free to leave a comment below if there are any tips you think I’ve missed or if there are any tips you currently use or think are particularly useful. 


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