Weekly Wedge EP 4: The ultimate way to clean and revive your golf shoes

In this week's episode of my Weekly Wedge series, I show you how I get my old golf shoes looking (almost) like new with the help of a special cleaning product.

I’ve owned my FootJoy Premiere Series Packard golf shoes for over two years now, and, as much as I love them, they are really quite difficult to keep clean. Despite this fact, I do try, where possible, to keep them looking as fresh as possible – a task that isn’t all that easy thanks to the textured leather upper. 

However, I have a secret weapon up my sleeve in the shape of The Pink Stuff’s Miracle Cleaning Paste. Check out the following video tutorial where I take you through my preferred cleaning process and show you just how well this paste works on old and dirty golf shoes.

Order Miracle Cleaning Paste

Order your tub of The Pink Stuff’s Miracle Cleaning paste to get your old golf shoes looking almost as good as new in no time.

With this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you. 

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