How I Improved My Swing Tempo With The DeWiz Training Aid

analysing my swing tempo with the dewiz training aid

Recently, I got my hands on a deWiz golf swing analyser and couldn’t wait to try it out on my golf swing. With the off-season in full swing, now is the perfect time to improve my golf swing – starting with my incredibly quick tempo. In this video, I analyse my current swing tempo, compare it with some leading tour professionals, and look to improve my tempo with just 5 swings.

Online Golf Instruction: ELITE golf coach Jonathan Yarwood analyses MY golf swing

In May last year, I decided to pay for an online swing analysis with one of the world’s best golf coaches, Jonathan Yarwood. He coached Michael Campbell to his 2005 U.S. Open victory so I figured he’d be able to help a 7-index golfer with a dodgy swing…and boy did he share some incredibly useful information which I have decided to sure with you in this video.

Too many swing thoughts = too many shots

In order for me to be able to properly begin my journey to scratch, I feel it’s important for me to take a step back, think about what’s going on with my golf game at the moment and work out how I can begin to fix things. In this post, I’ll share the rather gory and gruesome details about where my golf game is currently at and how I intend to dig myself out of the rather long and deep rabbit hole I’m currently residing in.