Beat Golf Fatigue: 10 Tips to Help you Perform Better on the Golf Course

Although many people believe golf to be a somewhat leisurely sport, it actually demands a considerable amount of physical and mental energy, and golf fatigue can be a real problem. Whether it’s an amateur golfer playing a Saturday medal or a PGA Tour professional teeing it up at Augusta, golfers often find themselves battling fatigue during and after a round of golf. Not only can golf be physically demanding due to the long distances walked and the number of shots played, but it can also be mentally draining thanks to the concentration required – especially when playing competitively. If you’re a golfer who struggles with fatigue, read on because in this blog post, I’ll be sharing 10 top tips and strategies that could help you beat fatigue, maintain focus, and perform better on the golf course.

How to edit a round using the Shot Scope dashboard editor: Full tutorial

In December 2022, Shot Scope released a major update to their online dashboard editor, meaning the way that users edit their rounds completely changed. In this full video tutorial, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about correctly editing your rounds on your laptop/desktop computer.